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08 April 2011

CentreLink Office Locations

This is a map that I created that shows all of the CentreLink offices Australia wide.

Here you will find the:
  • Name of the Office
  • Code
  • Office Type
  • Physical Address
  • Postal Box
  • Hours of Operation
  • Latitude and Longitude Coordinates
I used data from and imported the data into Google FusionThe raw data can be downloaded here.

MAP 1: Shows the locations plotted on a map (notice the ones in the ocean, they are everywhere, kinda like McDonalds).
MAP 2: Is handy if you are looking to get directions to a particular office.

How to use: Click Here, then click on one of the CentreLink locations then click get directions. Type your location (A) and type the office you want to visit in (B).

MAP 1: CentreLink Locations (Google Fusion)

MAP 2: Get Directions to CentreLink (Google Maps)

View CentreLink Locations in a larger map


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