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10 December 2011

List of the Best Mac Apps 2012

There are quite a few top mac app lists going around. So I decided to make one with apps I find useful and regularly use. Some are so good and supportive of other apps. E.g. Alfred (10), Dropbox (19), iCloud (21) and Snapz Pro X (42). I don't even have to think to open them. This list is a short version of an in-depth version with reviews of each app here.  I have created a very useful page called The Best Places to Find Mac apps. Gives you a run down on sources of the cheapest apps, as well as help you find the latest, free, rare and expensive paid apps for free.

A word of warning. Apps listed on the App Store are only a small sample of what is on offer for Mac. Also note that some app developers have higher prices for the same app on on the App Store and cheaper on their website. Always do a price comparison if you want the best discount or cheapest app. You can do this by visiting their website, google and for big discounts, check out mupromo. Also look at the ads above and to the right -> of this page or any page on DishingTech which sometimes link to great deals.

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1 Google Chrome fastest and the most stable internet browser at the moment
2 jDownloader awesome timesaving download manager, if you download alot
3 Transmission best and low on resources torrent client for mac

Internet Security
4 1Password great and safe password manager, cross platform compatible
5 iAlertU essentially a loud car alarm for your mac, uses mac sensors so if someone tampers with your mac it will take photos using the camera and send them to you
6 FindMyMac comes with iCloud and Mac OS X Lionlocate your Mac if someone steals it

Communication & Messaging
7 Adium feature packed, attractive. Use one app to connect all your instant messengers (e.g. yahoo, messenger, facebook, gtalk)
8 Skype chat with people around the world for free

9 Reeder beautifully designed, easy on your eyes if you read RSS feeds

10 Alfred great time saver, easy to use file and action launcher
11 Moom divide mac windows easy around your screen
12 Divvy drags windows to one half of the screen so none overlap

13 iCal comes with your mac, syncs with icloud to manage people and your workload
14 iWork alternative to Microsoft Office
15 Microsoft Office most widely used suite of apps
16 TextSoap cleanup and format a bunch of text quickly
17 ByWord great for when you have to think and produce something on paper. Designed to be distraction free
18 iRooster turn your Mac into an expensive alarm clock. Gently wake up to your favourite songs 

19 Dropbox great for collaborating with friends, growl notifications and RSS feeds let you know when someone has edited a file. Also good for personal storage and online backups
20 Cloudapp similar to Dropbox, not as many features, great for quickly sharing text
21 iCloud keep all your apple devices in sync

22 Carbon Copy Cloner similar to time machine, but can clone other partitions
23 Time Machine comes with Mac. Backups your files regularly, potential lifesaver 
24 Winclone great if you want to clone or resize a hard drive partition safely

Photo Management
25 JetPhoto Studio great photo management app if you geocode your photos alot
26 iPhoto comes standard with your mac
27 Aperture if a mildly serious photographer, great photo management software
28 HoudahGeo geotag photos 

Music Management
29 iTunes manage audio, podcasts, idevice apps
30 Senuti rips music off ipods, iphones and ipads onto your mac

Video Playback & Management
31 VLC plays every video format, better than quicktime and alike
32 Delicious Library 2 manage what you own (tools, clothes) and what you lend to people, great for keeping a movie library

Video Ripping and Recording
33 Rip It rips DVDs, removes copy protection to make a backup copy
34 Toast media burning equivalent of Nero on the PC

35 CleanmyMac safely delete unneeded files (e.g. other languages, universal binaries)
36 Ice Clean keep your system running healthy
37 AppZapper completely remove app files and traces from your system with just the .app file
38 DupeGuru safely delete duplicate files
39 Coconut Battery battery management and monitoring
40 Appfresh find out what apps are outdated with this app manager 
41 DaisyDisk graphical display of what files are taking up the most space 

Screen and Audio Utilities
42 Snapz Pro X quickly capture screen caps as well as record video 
43 ScreenFlow great screen-casting software
44 Audio Hijack Pro record audio from an app or mic (e.g. internet, skype)

Other Utilities
45 Growl attractive, unobtrusive, helpful notification system
46 Parallels Desktop run any operating system you need (e.g. windows, linux)
47 UnrarX / Rarify extract rar files and create .rar files
48 iStat Menus nice menu monitoring system variables (e.g, temp, CPU, RAM) 

Other Honourable Mentions
49 KisMAC sniffer for hacking and scanning for WiFi networks 
50 Mactubes searches and download videos from youtube
  • Checkout my iUseThis Profile which displays what I use and integrates with Appfresh (40)
  • The next two top lists will be Mac apps for planners and university students


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