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20 January 2012

iPhone App | DTMF Decoder: So Good It Should Be Banned

This little app can tell you the number someone is dialling on their phone (most phones, with keypad tones) by listening to it through your iPhone's microphone. I won't go through the technical details but I find it fascinating and if you do too, you can visit Wikipedia. It is one of those oh look what my phone can do, rather than serve a practical purpose. Talk about super spy stuff, although they might become suspicious when you are pointing your iPhone at them.

This is not something new, DTMF decoding has been around for awhile and a little to late for us to take advantage as most people push to call a someone rather than typing it out.

It works quite well providing there is not too much background noise going on. There is a setting that allows you to compensate if you are not testing it out under ideal conditions.

See it in action here (video is quite poor and doesn't do it justice). Probably the best DTMF decoder in the app store, but don't take my word for it. Have a look at alternative and possibly free DTMF decoders in the App Store.


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