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19 March 2012

Apple Store. Why u no Employ the Best People?

Before I start, I would like to express my poorly and grammatically incorrectly worded title, perhaps you will understand the reasons behind it as you read below. About a year a go I applied for the Apple Store retail position, lets just say in a Queensland store. We got invited to a 30+ group interview which was interesting. Clapped at us excessively when we walked in, which was awkward. They showed us some apple history, dazzled us with some statistics and heard how awesome it was to work for Apple Inc (AAPL).

Did some role play with selling a product and presenting a package for a certain stereotypical customer. Lots of ass kissing from potential employees at why they love apple so much. I also had to sign a confidentiality agreement not to disclose what happened in the group interview. I am quite the tech savvy guy, I have a number of years experience with apple hardware and software for 5 years now. I didn't get the job, fair enough. I do not mind.

After a year, I find out that a girl I dated a few times got a job there at that particular store. While I am happy for her, I am bitter of Apple because:

She is from a foreign country and speaks english poorly and is a quiet speaker. It was quite frustrating trying to listen and digest what she was saying at times. Although she does have extensive experience in retail clothing stores, she's a bit ignorant and not open to new ideas or technology. For instance, I suggested that she get WhatsApp because it is better than SMS, I then got this reply:
it's very interesting, but to b honest i'm a little concerned about sharing info through the app, such as the 'cloud' apple has, alot of people like itto have their info stored there, but i'm a little old fashioned. i always end up with heaps of credit at the end of the month plus the unlimited msgs benefit so i guess i'll continue doing it this way. it's a great app though
I will leave it at that, clearly the Apple Store staff are not HR personnel but they collectively, have a huge say in who gets to work there. Basically it is a we like that person the most, as opposed to the best person for the position. All of the bright lights, shiny things, smiles and claps make people feel good inside and Apple being the money making machine it is, would continue to do so even if they have average staff. 

Last Words
If you were unsuccessful in getting an Apple Store job, don't feel to bad. There is a huge amount of people that apply and to get to an interview stage is quite an achievement. I have heard it is harder to get a job there, than being accepted into Stanford University. Besides, you are probably more qualified and better than the actual person who got the job!

Has anyone else been in a similar situation? Share it below, in the comment section.


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