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29 May 2012

iWep Pro 5

Finally the latest and greatest WiFi cracking app has been released on Cydia. iWep Pro 5 allow users to check if their routers are exposed to some vulnerabilities. iWep PRO provides tools and methods to check if your router is exposed to key calculation. Supported routers are detected automatically. So, just select one supported network and wait untill iWep PRO finds, or not, your WEP/WPA key. But you can also download it here and install it through iFile and your computer (download links at the bottom).Remember you still have to install the dictionaries and the deb. 

How to Install iWep Pro 5
iWep Pro
The developer over at iWazDev has created the best, feature packed and most expensive (or free if you decide to download it from a repo that hosts cracked apps) WiFi auditing tool out there. It is also the most difficult to setup as you are required to download 12 iWep Pro dictionaries in Cydia (2004 to 2011) for offline use.

Installation Instructions
If you do not want to spend the hefty price tag, you can download -> iWep Pro Free Full Version 4.1.3. But it is seriously worth the money.

1. Dictionary Downloads (Download them all)
iWep PRO Dictionary for BTHomeHub Routers:
iWep PRO Dictionary for Thomson Based Routers:
Password to download the files is: dishingtech

New iWazowski Cydia Repo
There is a new temporary repo if the links above do not work:

Dictionaries are DEB files, and have to be installed just like all other DEBs (using iFile or via MobileTerminal / SSH) or downloading them from the iWazowski repo: They extract as speedSHA1dic files.

Check out the video below on how to install it or use the written instructions.

2. Upload the files to your device
First, you have to know where you want the .deb files (e.g /var/mobile/Media/Downloads) and upload the files on to your device. Best to use the easier method.

3. Install iWep Pro & Dictionaries
Easiest Method

  1. Install iFile from Cydia
  2. Download iFunboxCyberduck or iExplorer (or install afc2add and openSSH in Cydia)
  3. Download desired (.debs) files (if you haven't yet) to your desktop
  4. Run one of the apps and connect your iPhone, iPod or iPad usb cable
  5. The program will show your device contents, Now navigate to any folder for example: var/mobile/Documents (if you can't access the root directory, download afc2add in Cydia)
  6. Move (.deb) files from your desktop to var/mobile/Documents
  7. Run iFile from your iOS, and navigate to the same folder i.e. var/mobile/Documents
  8. Click on (.deb) file and select install one by one until you install all the required dictionaries
Alternative Installation Method
1. Start Cydia, go to 'Search', type 'Mobile Terminal' and install it (if you haven't yet). Be aware that there are different versions for different iOSs.
2. Repeat step 1 for 'OpenSSH'
3. Start 'MobileTerminal'
4. Type the following:
• su root  (press return)
• alpine  (press return)

Install iWep Pro and the Dictionaries through Mobile Terminal e.g. type:
dpkg -i /var/mobile/Media/Downloads/iWep Pro 5.0.1.deb (Note you can rename the.deb files e.g 1.deb which will make it quicker to install) and do that with the rest of the files you downloaded.

When you install the files and you Finish with Result Code 256 error message?

It means you made a mess of installations. You have previously tried to install the app. Basically it already exists and there’s a conflict, and hence dpkg throws you an error because it cannot rewrite it. 

How to fix? 
The best way to fix this problem is to completely uninstall and remove all previous instances of the app. That means uninstalling via Cydia and also going in and manually removing the app files if necessary from the iWep Pro folder. You could also try the following commands: dpkg --force-depends -i thenameofthefile.deb to install and dpkg --force-depends -r nameofpackage to remove.

If you finish with with Result Code 512 error message?
It means that the file/s are in use. Probably Cydia is running, try closing Cydia in the background and try installing again.

Try again and success means you end up with result code 0.

4. Open the App
Note: You must be connected to WiFi, 3G or EDGE to activate your licence. iPad and iTouch users will need WiFi or 3G.

Activating Your Licence in 4.1.3
1. Open iWEP Pro app
2. Click top-right corner "i" button
3. Click "Validate application"
4. Enter 3 or more letters or numbers in "PayPal Transaction ID"
5. Tap "Validate License" 

Activating Your Licence in 5.0 & 5.0.1
Slightly different than the video for 5.0
Open iWEP Pro app
Tap on "Settings" tab
Tap on "Register application"
Enter at least 3 letters/numbers into "PayPal Code" field
Tap on "Validate" button

Using the App
The MAC address is shown during the network scan, signal strength is shown and you can also connect and test the password through the app. Another good thing is that he offers a trial which is ad supported. Here is a list of supported networks. Do any of these look familiar?

Table 2: Supported Networks


Direct Download: iweppro5.0.1.deb
Mediafire: N/A

If you want something for Mac try STkeys


  1. When is STDic 2012.deb coming out ?

  2. Not coming out due to the default algorithm not being used by Thomson themselves but selected by the ISPs

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