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01 May 2012

Reaver Inflator GUI Download & Install in Backtrack or Ubuntu

Reaver is quite easy to use, now there is an easier option that requires no typing just clicking. First you need to install reaver. BackTrack R2 already has reaver installed. If you are not sure if it is installed or not, type reaver in terminal and see if you get a bunch of text to show you that it is installed.

Tired of BackTrack not working for you, don't want to download Gigabytes? Try XiaoPan. Reaver and Inflator built inDownload this deb (password is dishingtech) and place it on your desktop in  or Ubuntu system. Then in terminal type:

cd Desktop (push enter)
dpkg -i '/root/Desktop/inflator1.0-backtrack5r1-gnome-bit32.deb' (push enter)

After it is installed, you should see it. Another easier option is just to download my virtual machine image (see 2nd image) which has Reaver Inflator and other awesome stuff in it :) If you are unfamiliar with reaver or have trouble using it check out Reaver on Google Code.

This is where you will find inflator

Inflator GUI


  1. What should I use WPSCrackGui or Inflator? I want to speed up the cracking a lil bit.. is there any suggestions u can give me? I read somewhere, making reaver not to associate and associate with aireplay, can speed it up.. but im not sure about this.. any help? ANd if it is possible, how? Thanks

  2. Use Reaver @ command line. If you make it took quick you might generate errors which will take longer! You need to try a combination of settings, setups and improve signal strength. Having a card capable of injection also helps. The fastest possible method for getting Reaver to crack WPS is using the following varibles: reaver -i -b -a -c -e -t 1 -d 0 -n -N -S -v type reaver in terminal to find out what those variables mean.

  3. Hello, could you send me a copy of inflator1.0-backtrack5r1-gnome-bit32.deb? I have no where to find it bacause of the closedown of author's blosg. My email is Thank you!

  4. I have uploaded it to the Xiaopan OS Forums, which will require you to signup with an account.

    We would love to have you, please join us. let me know if you continue to have issues

  5. how to install Reaver Inflator GUI D


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